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Lizard Goes To Jail

by Ben Kelly | Nov 18, 2008 | 1,196 views

While they were announcing the winners of the Johnny Romano skate jam and while we were waiting on this sketchy Houston highway for an hour and a half pleading with cab companies to send someone to come take us back to our hotel, some shit was going down in this shitty divebar (which, would probably be a cool spot if it were anywhere else other than Houston) next to the park. Apparently, some real life cowboys were talking shit to Antwuan, the cops were called, and these overweight Walker Ranger Texas Ranger type po-pos took Lizard to jail. I guess it was on some charges of public disturbance or some bullshit like that.

Doesn’t make sense? Yeah, to us neither. Especially when we saw these three drunkards walk out the bar right past Chuck Norris and his three western amigos, get into their Ford pickup, kick some beer bottles out out from under the driver seat, and drive away probably so they can go home and beat their wives. Fine police work, Houston.

Anyway, Lizard got out and made it to the afterparty that night where old ladies were showing us their pierced nipples and some Dad and her daughter were telling me how to make a bomb out of a tennis ball. Good times.

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