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Rob And Big… Board

by Ben Kelly | Feb 24, 2009 | 1,450 views | 6 Comments

Dyrdek and the L.A. mayor go for a ride at Rob’s skate plaza opening in L.A.

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Santa Skates!

by Ben Kelly | Dec 14, 2008 | 763 views | 14 Comments

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My Shittiest Post Yet

by Ben Kelly | Dec 12, 2008 | 366 views | 2 Comments

If you read Joey Brezinski’s Pro Spotlight interview from our latest (January) issue, you know he has quite a few random things that he takes pride in?chicken wings, for one. And his shits, for another. When the anticipated poo question came up in our interview, he started flashing me pictures of his toilet floating documentation on his cell phone, and I of course told him to e-mail them over. Here’s the question from the interview and his pride and joys below that and just another reason why Jojo gets awesomer and awesomer by the minute.

Yoon also told me you?re also a connoisseur of something else. Your shits?
He told you that? Wow. I?ll show you my first photographed shit right here. This was after Thanksgiving. [Joey scrolls through his phone searching for saved photos of fresh toilet floaters.] I?m not going to tell you my secret, but here?s last year?s. I just got a camera phone and had a huge Thanksgiving dinner and I was so psyched that I pulled the phone out of the pocket afterwards. Now I have at least 400 photos. I have a shitload of them, literally [laughs].


Billy Marks Top Five Mustaches

by Ben Kelly | Nov 25, 2008 | 1,349 views | 3 Comments

With his Day In The Life videos going up, I figured I might as well tie in my favorite answer from his Top Five in our August ‘08 issue. Some fine ’staches indeed.


Lizard Goes To Jail

by Ben Kelly | Nov 18, 2008 | 1,196 views | 3 Comments

While they were announcing the winners of the Johnny Romano skate jam and while we were waiting on this sketchy Houston highway for an hour and a half pleading with cab companies to send someone to come take us back to our hotel, some shit was going down in this shitty divebar (which, would probably be a cool spot if it were anywhere else other than Houston) next to the park. Apparently, some real life cowboys were talking shit to Antwuan, the cops were called, and these overweight Walker Ranger Texas Ranger type po-pos took Lizard to jail. I guess it was on some charges of public disturbance or some bullshit like that.

Doesn’t make sense? Yeah, to us neither. Especially when we saw these three drunkards walk out the bar right past Chuck Norris and his three western amigos, get into their Ford pickup, kick some beer bottles out out from under the driver seat, and drive away probably so they can go home and beat their wives. Fine police work, Houston.

Anyway, Lizard got out and made it to the afterparty that night where old ladies were showing us their pierced nipples and some Dad and her daughter were telling me how to make a bomb out of a tennis ball. Good times.

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What We (Didn’t Want To) Cut Wednesdays: Leo Romero

by Ben Kelly | Sep 03, 2008 | 1,189 views | 4 Comments

We put this up on the site once before, but for those of you that missed it, here’s Leo’s Top Five in it’s raw and uncut entirety. photo: BLAIR

Top Five
Leo Romero

Reasons Why L.A. Sucks:
1. Fairfax Avenue.
2. The 10 freeway.
3. Melrose Avenue.
4. Cobrasnake.
5. Scenesters.

Favorite Handrails:
1. Albertsons eight-stair rail in Fontana.
2. Northridge College gap to double kink rail.
3. Frost double kink.
4. Beverly.
5. Leap Of Faith handrail.

Favorite Photos You?ve Taken:
1. One of Herman smoking weed.
2. A couple kids in Turkey high on glue.
3. Suspect photos of people naked.
4. Fat kid with a scratch on his stomach at my mom?s house.
5. A little baby with a towel over his head in front of my mom?s friend?s house.

Reasons Why Everybody Loves Leo:
1. They don?t.
2. So they don?t seem racist against Mexicans.
3. They don?t.
4. They don?t.
5. They don?t.

Pick Up Lines You Use On Chicks:
1. Is your dad a terrorist? ?Cause you?re the bomb.
2. Slip a roofie in their drink.
3. You into cool stuff?
4. I drive a Corvette.
5. I wonder what your butthole smells like.

Why You?d Rather Ride Your Harley Than Drive A Car:

1. Traffic.
2. It?s funner.
3. Chicks dig it.
4. You can go on a ride with your bros instead of sit in a car with your bros.
5. It goes off.

Random Things You?ve Bought While On Tour:
1. A pocket pussy.
2. Sex.
3. A knife with four different blades that?s like a huge ninja star.
4. Oversized Zippo lighter.
5. A PSP.

People To Skate With:
1. Jesus Christ.
2. Geo Moya.
3. Danny Way.
4. Shaun White.
5. Jon Miner.

Songs So Good You Would Use Them In A Video Part:
1. I wouldn?t use extremely nailer songs in a video part. And even if I did, I wouldn?t put it in a magazine so other people could use it.
2. F?k you for even asking me that.

Best Things About Living In The Emerica House:
1. The clubhouse that was short-lived.
2. Having a maid.
3. Living with Heath was a cool experience.
4. I got to live in a big house.
5. I got to move out.

Things You Miss About Living At Home:
1. Getting kicked out of my house by my dad. I miss that.
2. Having a small-ass room.
3. Not being able to go out and skate sometimes?I really miss that.
4. My dad would throw away my flatbars?I kinda miss that.
5. Living away from everybody and everything?I kinda miss that too.

New Year Resolutions:
1. Smoke weed?every day.
2. Buy the new Mercedes.
3. Try to get on Mountain Dew.
4. Try to win the X Games 2007.
5. Try to get in a skateboard movie.

1. True Romance.
2. The Princess Bride is kick-ass.
3. The Jurassic Park trilogy.
4. The Back To The Future trilogy.
5. Born To Boogie, the motion picture.

1. STDs.
2. Heights.
3. Traffic.
4. Falling asleep while my girlfriend is angry and drunk.
5. Deadlines.

Good Advice You?ve Been Given:
1. I always win even when I lose.
2. Fuck the world.
3. Don?t piss against the wind.
4. Wipe twice, not once.
5. Don?t count to ten backward unless you know what you?re doing.


1. Jimmy Arighi.
2. Heath Kirchart.
3. Josh Beagle.
4. Larry David.
5. Maya Angelou.


Staff Infection

by Ben Kelly | Sep 02, 2008 | 608 views | 10 Comments

Featuring: Myself, our intern Aaron Smith, and Business Editor Adam Sullivan. Filmed by Joe Picciolo.

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Radiohead At The Hollywood Bowl

by Ben Kelly | Aug 27, 2008 | 515 views | Leave a Comment

One of best times to see Radiohead, musically. One of the best venues to see Radiohead at, acoustically. And one of the best shows you could ever go to, entirely.

The stage goes blue.The stage goes blue.The stage goes blue and purple.The stage goes purpleWe saw many colors.The stage goes white and red.The stage goes red.The stage got red and yellow.The stage warms up.The stage got green and blurry. The screen got green.We saw darkenss.We saw pink.What we saw was purple.What we saw.